The Smile Trial (Part 3) – (The Lightning Process)




By johnthejack.


The only one to benefit is Parker.

The last of three blogs on the SMILE trial. Part one is here and part two here.


The SMILE trial was deeply flawed: criteria used were too broad, participants self-selected, it was not properly controlled and it relied upon subjective measures when participants were unblinded. Like the Lightning Process (LP) itself, it is worthless.

It was completed almost four years ago, but results have still not been published. The concern is that this poorly conducted trial, based on criteria wide enough to include patients with generic ‘chronic fatigue’, did indeed find that some patients reported subjective improvement. If true, SMILE did nothing more than provide false scientific justification for quackery.

The trial has already been of considerable benefit to Phil Parker, a man with no professional qualifications who has designed an intervention with no scientific basis: he is said to receive a fee from each LP provider for every course participant. Since the trial was in the Bristol and Bath area, he may well himself have been one of the LP providers as he ‘leads experienced teams’ in the region.


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