The Spoon Theory Gave People the Wrong Idea About My Illness


By Jennie Smales in The Mighty.

Many people with disabilities that affect energy levels have adopted the Spoon Theory as their mantra. Indeed, when I first read it, the words struck a chord with me — so much so that I posted them on social media and asked friends and family to take a look. I wanted them to better understand me. That may have been a mistake. You see, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Spoon Theory doesn’t fit my life. 

Firstly, for those not in the know, I shall give a brief description. The Spoon Theory is a concept written by Christine Miserandino whereby energy is equated to spoons. Basically, as a chronically ill person I would have a finite amount of spoons per day. Each activity I do would remove some spoons until eventually I had none left. The point of it is that we don’t have endless reserves of energy/spoons. 

This is very, very true. In basic terms, the Spoon Theory is an excellent way of describing life with a chronic condition. However, I find I just can’t embrace it. 

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