The Struggle Of Identifying Pain




By Lindsay Glenne.


How do you know when to seek help?
When you have a chronic illness, it’s really hard to differentiate between your usual pain, and something new. With an illness like fibromyalgia, it can sometimes be even harder. It effects every single part of your body and a flare can pop up at any time.

Every day, I have constant pain covering most of my body. For any other person, they would probably go to the hospital if they were experiencing my level of pain. It shouldn’t be normal to feel this way, but it’s just something I have to try to keep out of my mind to get through the day.

Even when the pain is excruciating, I always say my pain is at a nine on the pain scale. I’m saving my ten for when I really need it, or I pass out. However, there have been three times in my life where I went to the ER—something I’m extremely against due to my fear and hatred of needles, and the overall judgement from doctors. Two of those times were from seizures having to do with my brain tumor. I obviously didn’t know this at the time, we were worried I was having a stroke or something.


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