The Struggle To Balance Between Resting And Using Energy When You’re Chronically Sick



By Chelsea Morris in The Mighty.



How do we achieve it? I think for any human being balance is very difficult. But for those of us with chronic pain and disease it seems to be even harder.

I wake up one day and feel actually pretty good. So I want to accomplish more than I usually can do, but I know deep down that doing too much on a good day will set me back the next day. I only do my best to do just enough to help me feel productive and make sure I rest in between saving my “spoons” (from the spoon theory) to be able to do more with my family or for the next day. But you see, that is a good day!

What happens to balance on a bad day? There are days when no matter what I do I just wake up having one of those days. More pain, more dizziness, more confusion, more blurriness, and more disorientation than a normal day. A normal day means something so different to me now, but that is a whole other blog.


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