The Unknown Warrior



The Unknown Warrior

November 7th was the day
Four bodies taken from where they lay
All exhumed from their battlefield grave
Just four of the many warriors brave

The soldiers digging not told why
Their comrades were not left to lie
The fallen four with names unknown
Then taken from the combat zone

In the makeshift chapel at St Pol
Four soldiers there to represent all
The fallen, the unidentified
Unknown warriors, side by side

Bodies draped in the Union Flag
Posted sentries put on stag
General Wyatt and Colonel Gell
Looked over these brave men who fell

One selected, still no name
Three returned from whence they came
The one placed in a coffin of oak
Neither of the two men spoke

Atop the coffin was inscribed
“A British Warrior lies inside”
With Honour Guard to the quay
Then to England by choppy sea

Met with a gun salute at Dover
This soldier’s journey nearly over
On to London by special train
This was where he would remain

On 11th November in the morn
Thousands watched the carriage drawn
Families filled with aching grief
Looking on with real belief
That this Warrior could be their son
Their husband, brother, their missing one

Lain to rest at the eleventh hour
This fallen soldier
This cut down flower
In Westminster Abbey he is laid
To ensure the memories never fade

It’s why we wear our poppies with pride
Not to see war is glorified
But to always remember the sacrifice
Made for the liberties we now prize
We will always be in their debt
The poppy is worn, lest we forget

Bill Clayton

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