Things Drivers Should Know About Motoring Laws


Road Safety


By O’Garra’s Solicitors.


On the One Show last week, there was a feature on drivers and cyclists not keeping their distance and police giving them points for not doing so as part of the Highway Code. It was a topic that got lots of people talking online as many people hadn’t realised it was illegal to overtake too closely.

We get a lot of clients come to us having been charged with a motoring offence having not realised or recognised that they had done anything wrong. Therefore being caught out could happen to anyone. So we thought we’d put together a ‘top things motorists should know’…

Mind the gap

Lots of people get road rage when it comes to cyclists. But the following may help you understand their actions better. The DirectGov website states that it is recommended for a cyclist to ride well clear of the kerb – one metre away or in the centre of the left lane. The traffic law says that drivers must pass at a safe distance. That means drivers need to wait until there is room to over take and to leave as much room as they would when over taking a car. When a travel lane is not wide enough to share, safe bicyclists move to the middle of the lane to insure that motorists use the next lane over to pass or wait until it is safe.


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