Thinking Of Those In York Suffering With The Floods




I know this is an ME site, but it’s also one based in York with the aim of lending support to those in need in the York area.

It’s with that in mind that I send our thoughts, heartfelt wishes and support to those in need due to the current flood situation.  I know the press are covering it like crazy, but they’ll be staying in dry hotels and be gone soon when the next story breaks, leaving many with devastation to deal with.  Although we’re a group with our own issues to deal with, I’ve found you all to have hearts that I’m sure will be going out to those currently suffering.

If there’s anything you are able to do to help support those in need in your particular area, I’m sure you’ll be doing your bit.  Let’s all help York get back on it’s feet, soggy as they may be…….

Updated: 29th December 2015 — 11:53 am

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