To The People Who Tell Me, ‘You’re Doing A Lot So You Must Be Better’



By Kirstin Larkin In The Mighty.    



To those of you who tell me, “Well, you look fine” or “You have been doing a lot so you must be feeling better,” here’s the truth: I have chronic illnesses, and they never go away. They’re always drawing some type of attention to themselves at least several times a day.

Even though I “look fine” on the outside, it doesn’t mean I’m fine on the inside. If you look past the smile that’s usually always plastered on my face and really look into my eyes, you’ll see I’m not OK. Am I hunched over or trying to fold my body so I’m bracing myself? If so, my pain is off the charts. Is my speech slurred and I seem pretty foggy? Yes? Then my blood is not moving up to my brain quickly enough and my brain is depleted of oxygen. Am I grabbing my stomach? If so, my stomach is angry it has to figure out how to digest the food sitting in it.


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