Travelling Abroad With M.E.

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By Jane Shaw in M.E. Support.



I am writing this in October 2018, and most people have had their holidays for this year and might be thinking of where to go next year, if they haven’t been put off by Brexit scares and uncertainties.

Travelling abroad is fun for most people, but with M.E. it is very hard work and takes quite a lot of planning to get the most out of it, and to avoid being too ill to do anything whilst away.

Whilst our daughter was young we didn’t travel abroad as we thought it would be too difficult and we stuck to self-catering cottages and caravans in the UK. This, for me, always felt like hard work, as I have help at home which doesn’t go on holidays with me.

Now my daughter is older and can be helpful, (if she wants to be) we looked at going abroad. Last year was our first attempt. We visited EuroDisney; it was rather ambitious, and my dad died the day we set off, so it wasn’t a great time for me. We also had a holiday with my husband Rob’s family, staying with a family member in Cyprus.

This year we wanted to try again and fancied going to lakes and mountains in Austria, Switzerland or similar. It became apparent that this would be too difficult – there are no flights from our local airport and transfers from the airport at the other end are long – but it helped to focus us on what our priorities were.


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