Trial By Error: Checking In From Melbourne And Canberra…



By David Tuller, DrPH.


So I’ve been in Australia for a week. In Melbourne on Friday, I was happy to spend a couple of hours with Emerge Australia, the local ME/CFS advocacy group. We had video glitches so there is not a continuous tape of the discussion, but here’s a link to at least the first part:

Link to Discussion with Emerge Australia

On Sunday, I participated in a panel discussion after a well-attended screening of Unrest. In the past, when I’ve asked at screenings who in the audience was a patient or care-giver, almost everyone raised their hands. In this case, when I asked who had come out of interest rather than because they were either sick themselves or taking care of someone else, about a third of those in attendance seemed to raise their hands. It was great to see that people not so directly impacted were interested in getting educated.


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Link to David Tuller article

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