Trial By Error: Jennie Spotila Tracks Down–and Busts–an Old Tale About “Death Threats” from Patients



By David Tuller, DrPH

In early 2011, the first report of the PACE results in The Lancet drew widespread criticism from patients and advocates. Later that year, stories about unhinged, anti-science patients harassing and threatening leading researchers in the field appeared in high-profile UK outlets like BMJ and The Times. In the UK, this appears to have been orchestrated with the help of the so-called Science Media Centre, which has always backed the crap produced by the members of the biopsychosocial ideological brigades.

The rumors of “death threats” from ME/CFS patients were not, however, confined to the UK. In her blog Occupy M.E., Jennie Spotila last week excavated how the “death threats” meme traveled to the National Institutes of Health–and finally gets to the bottom of the story. You can read it here or below; I am re-posting it in full with her permission.


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