Trial By Error: My Letters To Psychosomatics Journal About Prof White’s Misleading GETSET Paper

By David Tuller, DrPH

In early April, I wrote about a study published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Researcha one-year follow-up of the GETSET trial of self-help graded exercise therapy for ME/CFS. The investigators had previously reported short-term benefits for the intervention. In this new paper, despite no benefits of the intervention over regular care, the team reported success because the intervention arm did not score worse than it had at 12 weeks. Needless to say, this is not the proper way to report clinical trial results.

On April 24th, I sent a letter to Professor Jess Fiedorowicz, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Psychosomatic Research. He responded quickly and promised to review the matter with journal colleagues. Given the August deadline for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence to publish its revised version of its new ME/CFS guidelines, I sent a follow-up letter today to try to nudge the journal to respond sooner rather than later.

Below I have posted the exchange.

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