Trial By Error: Professor Michael Sharpe’s Gaffe On Australian Radio

David Tuller


By David Tuller, DrPH.


It’s Thursday morning in Australia, and I’ve just arrived in Brisbane after a red-eye from Perth, with a week left to go on my tour Down Under. Of course I’m backed up on things I need to write about, and hope to have some down time soon to pull stuff together. (I only post on here from Monday to Wednesday, because Professor Racaniello posts from Thursday to Sunday. I’m doing this post now from the Brisbane airport so I can get it up before Wednesday ends in New York.)

First, for those keeping track, here is yet another clip of me talking. This is a conversation with young Australians with ME/CFS. They “meet” regularly for video chats, and invited me to join them a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed hanging out with them online and suggested that I didn’t have to be in Australia for us to do this again:


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