Twitter Unleashes Fury Over Medical Exam Question – And For Good Reason



By Kayleigh Dray in Stylist.


Karina Wagenpfeil, a writer and scientist, first brought the issue to the internet’s attention when she tweeted photos of a problematic practice question for a medical licensing exam.

Grey’s Anatomy fans will no doubt recall the episode where Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) – a talented and adept surgeon, with a wealth of medical expertise and knowledge – realised that she was having a heart attack.

However, when she visited her local emergency room and listed off her symptoms, doctors dismissed her as being merely anxious – a decision which almost led to the character’s death.

It is no secret that Grey’s writer Elisabeth Finch drew on her own experience with misdiagnosis for Bailey’s storyline. Both incidents, though, point to a persistent, often overlooked problem in medicine: women’s symptoms are often diminished and dismissed by doctors.

And, earlier this week, this issue was underlined when Karina Wagenpfeil tweeted photos of a practice exam question from Medscape.


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