Understanding ME And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome In Children



By Claire Tripp in teachwire.


Longterm and little-understood illnesses like ME, or chronic fatigue syndrome, can leave pupils misdiagnosed, isolated and forgotten, so it pays to spot the signs, says Claire Tripp…


You leave work with “Miss! Miss!” still echoing in your ears, an armful of marking, and thinking of Ellie.

Once bright-eyed and eager to learn, today you spotted her nodding off in the corner.

You know it definitely couldn’t have been your lesson on coordinating conjunctions, so make a mental note to speak to her again tomorrow to check she’s OK.

But Ellie doesn’t make it into school tomorrow because her mum says she’s not well. In fact, Ellie hasn’t been to school regularly since she was in Y4.

The medical evidence says she has chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). School thinks this means she’s just exhausted and can’t cope with everyday life.

Instead, she’s seriously ill and coping with more than they could imagine.


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