Understanding The Microbiome



From The Quadram Institute.


The Quadram Institute is at the forefront of the interface between food, gut biology and health, and an important part of our research will involve understanding the interactions between food and the gut microbiota.

Our gut is home to a large community of microbes and there is a growing realisation that this microbiome has an important influence on our health. At the Quadram Institute we are seeking to better understand the microbiome and uncover the mechanisms by which if affects health. With this increased understanding, we will be able to develop new therapies and treatments to combat diseases and maintain wellbeing throughout life.

A key step to unlocking the microbiome is to understand how these complex colonies initially establish themselves in the gut. We will better define how this happens, and the factors that affect the successful establishment of the gut microbiome, such as diet and antibiotic use, and elucidate how this impacts on health and regulating immune responses. We will define what constitutes a healthy gut and microbiome, which will allow us to understand how changes in this state lead to diseases, and from this suggest ways of preventing or treating these conditions.


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