Use Of Glucose For Energy Production In Muscle Cells From Patients With ME/CFS



By Cara Tomas, Joanna L Elson, Julia L Newton & Mark Walker in ME Research UK.

Translational and Clinical Research Institute, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Scientific Reports, 2020 Oct 26; 10(1):18232

Key findings

  • Muscle cells from people with ME/CFS are less able to use glucose as a fuel to produce energy
  • This impairment in energy production may underlie the muscle fatigue that is characteristic of the illness
  • These results help narrow down where in the metabolic pathway the abnormality occurs


Muscle fatigue is among the most common symptoms experienced by people with ME/CFS, with a huge impact on their quality of life, and it is a key element of existing ME/CFS diagnostic criteria. So it makes perfect sense to focus research on the biological mechanisms underlying this symptom.


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