Visual Stress: A Symptom of ME/CFS


As reported in ‘Onward Through The Fog’


A University of Leicester research team has discovered a vision-related abnormality that could help diagnose ME/CFS.

The abnormality, called “pattern glare,” produces distortions, such as curving, wavering, and colours, when viewing stripes. Pattern glare has been associated with migraines and Irlen Syndrome (a visual processing disorder). It can lead to headaches, photophobia, and eyestrain.


This is not the first study to find a correlation between visual disturbances and ME/CFS. In May 2014, an Australian group found a greater occurrence of  Irlen Syndrome in ME/CFS patients (Loew et al. “Symptoms of Meares-Irlen/Visual Stress Syndrome in subjects diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.”)

To read the rest of this report in Onward Through The Fog, click on the link below:


Link to Visual Stress Story

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