Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms: Four Signs Of Low B12 Levels That ‘Mimic Dementia’

By Adam Chapman In The Daily Express.

The impact vitamin B12 has on the body is extensive. Among other things, the vitamin underpins the central nervous system and helps form healthy red blood cells. Given its contribution, it is little wonder the body goes awry without it.

Some of the most acute symptoms are the result of low B12 dealing a hammer blow to the nervous system.

This is collectively known as vitamin B12 neuropathy.

According to Bupa, when low B12 starts impacting the nerves, it can cause confusion, depression, poor concentration and forgetfulness – symptoms that can “mimic dementia“.

“It may affect your movement and sensation, especially in your legs, cause numbness or pins and needles and decrease your sensitivity to touch, vibration or pain,” notes the health body.

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