Volunteer(s) Wanted !


I want to give a big thank you to everyone for joining in and helping to make this site a success.  More and more people are joining in the Forums and I’m enjoying the subjects that are popping up !

I would like to move it forward in one way though.  Up till now, people have popped onto the site, had a look, maybe commented on a forum topic, and then logged off again.  This is probably because there’s nobody to chat to.  You may be aware of the ME Awareness Hour on Twitter every Wednesday night between 8 and 9 pm.  This allows everyone to know that others will be tuning in and posting tweets about ME at the same time, and is very successful.

I would like us to try something similar on this site.  I’m asking for volunteers to organise a ‘Chat Hour’ on our site.  This will mean finding out when it’s good for the majority to come onto the site and make use of the chat box so we can all have a good old natter with each other at the same time, a ‘virtual coffee morning’ if you like.  I’ve also started a Forum on this topic as a place for it to be discussed.

Anyone fancy taking this on ?

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