We Don’t Want To Want

We don’t expect rainbows without some rain
We know in life there will be some pain
We just want life to be a little fairer
With M.E. it seems, it’s getting rarer

We want the sun to keep on the rise
Without it always hurting our eyes
We want to walk without a stick
We want aromas that don’t make us sick

We want the strength to rise from our beds
We want to throw away the meds
We want to be as we were before
M.E. came crashing through our door

We want to work and our careers to grow
Not be absent because our body says no
We want to party like 1999
Showing my age, but that’s all fine

We want to shower once again
Without our energy going down the drain
We want to walk down to the park
To listen to the sparrow, the thrush, the lark

We want to hear for the Missing Millions
We want to call out to all non-ME civilians
We want some help from the strong and fit
We want people willing to commit

We want to hear from those in good health
To tell of what’s been taken by stealth
We want to know that want sometimes gets
We want to live without any regrets

We want a society that starts believing
To stop the loss of lives we’re grieving
We want M.E. to be understood
In the way that it really should

We want to know that there’s still some hope
We want some glimmer to help us cope
We want to hear that we’re close to the day
We’ll hear that help is on its way

We know that want doesn’t always get
But we must live in hope that our wants are met
We want to know that someone is hearing
When we say our lives are disappearing

We want a voice to shout out for us
Someone of note would be a plus
We want time on national news
We want the world to hear our views

We see other conditions pass us by
We wish them well, but we can’t lie
We want to be just as recognised
Our voice just seems so paralysed

We want this message to go out
We want a voice with a bit of clout
Could someone please take on this task
Surely it’s not too much to ask

We want someone with a bit of heart
Someone who can make a start
To end our days spent in the dark
We want someone who will be the spark

I know that’s a lot of wanting
Some might find it a little daunting
To be our hero, to be our voice,
But I’m afraid we have so little choice

The time is right, the time is now
Is there anyone who’ll make a vow
Who’ll help our wants to stay alive
Who’ll help our hopes and dreams survive

We want nothing more than life to be fair
To be brought back on an even keel
We just want the world to be aware
That M.E. is so very real

So this final want is really plain
All that we folks want to gain
Is for our M.E. voice to rise and soar
And for us to simply want no more.

Bill Clayton

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