Whale Watching Off Whitby…

By Jono Leadley of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Published in the York Press on 28 September 2015


One of the best kept wildlife secrets is waiting to be discovered off the North Yorkshire coast. In recent years, large numbers of herring and mackerel have been gathering a few miles off the coast of Whitby. These huge shoals have attracted whales, following the fish into Yorkshire waters. The species encountered have most frequently been minke whales.

But it is not just minkes that have been sighted. In the last couple of years, humpback, sei, northern bottlenose and even the second largest animal to have ever lived on the planet, the fin whale, have all been sighted in the area, along with pods of white-beaked dolphins and numerous seals and seabirds.

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Link to York Press Article on Whitby Whales

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