What I Wish Others Knew About Living With Chronic Pain



By  in The Mighty.


You open your eyes and look at the clock.

It’s 4:45 a.m.

You only have about an hour left in your bed, your safe haven.

Sure, maybe you could use a little more sleep. Most people do need that.

But lack of sleep isn’t what drives you to hit the snooze button…it’s the pain.

Pain, in it’s most basic form, warns us that something isn’t quite right, that something if off. At it’s best, it goes away with a good night’s sleep, a cold pill, or some ibuprofen. At its worst, it becomes debilitating, and the pain begins to rob us of our productivity, well-being, and our very lives.

Some pain can be fixed through surgery, medication, or alternative medicine techniques.  This type of pain is often referred to as acute pain. Other pain, however, can simply be managed.

Other pain lasts a lifetime.

Chronic pain persists over a long period of time and is resistant to most medical treatments. There is no cure for chronic pain.


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