What If ME/CFS Is An Intelligent Process Gone Awry ?




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Veronique had a very gradual onset of ME/CFS beginning in the 1990s when she was a family physician. Her symptoms worsened slowly over 10 years. At her worst activities such as sitting, standing, taking a shower, or talking exhausted her.

She changed careers and has since discovered and integrated research on how adverse life events (ALEs) affect health. The science dispels the out-of-date notions that such effects are psychological and that their influences on risk mean that chronic illnesses are psychosomatic. 


Veronique has been researching the role of the nervous system and how it learns to perceive threat as an important and under-recognized contributor to chronic illnesses of all kinds. Not because chronic illness is psychosomatic or that being sick is our fault – but because life events shape our genes and biochemistry as well as how our nervous systems and physiology’s function.


Her work is informed by her background as an assistant professor of medicine; published research; an MA in somatic psychology with specialities in traumatic stress and body based psychotherapies; work with clients with chronic illness; as well as her own experiences with debilitating chronic illness. Check out Veronique’s website here. 


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