What Is Hypopituitarism And Could It Be An Alternate Explanation For ME/CFS ?



By Joanne Lane with comment from Dr Charles Shepherd in The ME Association.


I don’t have ME, but I have something important to say that I hope may help people who have.

Twelve years ago, our 31-year-old son Christopher killed himself. We were devastated and desperate to find reasons. We wondered about the serious head injury he’d had when he was seven and we found that head injury survivors are between twice and four times more likely to commit suicide than other people (1).

The more we researched head injury the more we found out. One common complication of head injury is hypopituitarism, when the pituitary gland is damaged and does not make some, or all, of the hormones the body needs to work properly (2).

Looking back, we recognised some of the symptoms in Chris. For example, depression, impotence (which we only knew about after his death) and something wrong with his body thermostat, because he seemed to have an aversion to heat.


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