What It’s Really Like To Work Part-Time Because Of Chronic Illness




By Rachel Calhoun in The Mighty.

I couldn’t keep from snickering as I typed those sentences. Let me tell you all about my “ample free time” and my “amazing part-time life.”

Some people assume I must be financially secure to only work two days a week. Nothing could be further from the truth. My husband and I built our life planning on me working a full-time, five day a week job. After all I’m only 40, I should have no problem working and helping to support our family for many years to come.

Now we are still trying to adjust that life to fit the reality of me only being able to work two days a week. And then there is the constant influx of medical bills on top of the reduced income. Our family struggles financially because I’m only earning a small portion of the income I should be earning, and I continually add more bills and debt as I search for a medical treatment that will allow me to feel well enough to work my much-needed five days a week.  What a wonderful cycle it is.


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