When Children Don’t Get Well


From Utting-Wolff Spouts.


When children don’t get well, when there is no adequate treatment, and they remain ill, we need to step in and fight for their right to be part of society. When children don’t get well, time passes by, sometimes like treacle, sometimes quickly,  with the realisation that another school year has whipped around, painfully, as peers go on living their young lives and growing up without the sick friend with whom they used to play, lacking the qualifications required to enter adult life, be that from bed, in a wheelchair or as a recovered person one day.


Days become weeks, weeks become months, and, horrifyingly, months segue into years. Children become adults eventually and we have a duty of care towards all children to make their lives and transitions into adulthood safe and meaningful ones. So much depends on how parents, relatives, friends, medical professionals, social workers, the formal education system and children’s peers grapple with chronic illness.


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