When Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Feels Like An Energy-Sucking Vampire




By Caitlin Phillips-Peddlesden in The Mighty.


Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) fatigue. The invisible illness vampire. The blood- (or energy-) sucking beast ever at your shoulder, teeth in your neck.

CFS fatigue is invisible. Many people with CFS have no visibly discernible symptoms. Only the bags under our eyes point to the constant torture people with CFS endure, swimming through every minute in a soup of muscle pain, brain fog and exhaustion. Constant CFS fatigue wears down your soul. It is the slow drip-drip-drip of your dreams, your carefree nature, your excitement, your spontaneous joy.

People with CFS are, in every single minute of every single day, exhausted.

CFS fatigue is a tiredness like nothing you have ever felt before. It feels a little like you simultaneously have the flu, a hangover, and ran a marathon the day before. The fatigue can build each day until it is an unrelenting crush. If you push too hard, ignore the blinking orange light — the warning sign — CFS fatigue feels like an overwhelming tide. It feels like wanting to lie down on the ground, right here, right now, and cry. It feels like being 2 years old again, helpless and hopeless and utterly devastated by a tiredness you can’t even recognize, let alone articulate.


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