When Doctors Do More Harm Than Good



In generations past, our parents and grandparents took their doctor’s word as gospel. They rarely questioned a doctors credentials or recommendations. Back then, a general practitioner was a life long family doctor who looked at all of a patient’s concerns and didn’t just automatically refer them to a specialist. Those days have gone the way of doctor home visits. Yeah, I am that old to remember my doctor carrying his black medical bag and sitting next to me on my bed as a child. “Say Ahhh.”

What I don’t get these days is why so many doctors easily dismiss a patient’s concerns, refuse to listen, or even worse – claim to be an expert in something they clearly are not well versed in. Is it an ego thing? A superiority complex? Laziness? Unwillingness to keep up to date on the latest medical findings? I don’t have the answer. And apparently, neither do they.

When a doctor does not listen to a patient and makes assumptions, they can be putting their patient at great risk. As Canadian physician, Sir William Osler once said, ” Listen to your patient, he is telling you the diagnosis.”


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