When Dr. Peter Rowe Speaks – We Should Listen: Dr. Rowe On ME/CFS At The Dysautonomia International Zoom Conference

Cort Johnson


By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.

A riff on Dr. Peter Rowe’s presentation at the 2020 Dysautonomia International Conference (note that I expand on many of Rowe’s points; i.e. not all the words are his.)

Lauren Stiles, the founder of Dysautonomia International, has long believed that the chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and dysautonomia fields (POTS, in particular) are way too siloed. It was only natural, then, to bring a researcher and doctor who’s been immersed in both – Dr. Peter Rowe – to talk about ME/CFS at the 2020 Dysautonomia International Zoom Conference.

What you get with Dr. Peter Rowe – who has led the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Chronic Fatigue Clinic in Baltimore, Maryland, US, since 1996 – is decades of being immersed in ME/CFS/POTS/EDS (and, given his intellectual curiosity, probably other things). In other words, you get a boatload of knowledge. If more people would have just listened to Dr. Rowe, we wouldn’t have had this CBT/GET problem for all these years..


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