When Medical Symptoms Are Dismissed As ‘All In Your Head

Do No Harm

By David Tuller in Berkeley Wellness.

Journalist Maya Dusenbery’s new book—Doing Harm: The Truth About How Bad Medicine and Lazy Science Leave Women Dismissed, Misdiagnosed, and Sick—is an in-depth examination of how gender bias in medicine has negatively impacted women’s health for generations. In a starred review, Publishers Weekly noted that Doing Harm “skillfully interweaves history, medical studies, current literature, and hard data to produce damning evidence that women wait longer for diagnoses, receive inadequate pain management, and are often told they are imagining symptoms that are taken seriously in men.”

Dusenbery, a Minnesota native, has written about women’s and reproductive health issues for a wide variety of media outlets, including Slate, Cosmopolitan.com, HuffPost, TheAtlantic.com, and Teen Vogue. She is the editorial director of the feminist site Feministing.com, and she has previously been a fellow at Mother Jonesmagazine and a columnist at Pacific Standard. Before becoming a full-time journalist, she worked at the National Institute for Reproductive Health. Doing Harm, which was published by HarperOne, is her first book.

We recently talked with Dusenbery about her book and her other work.


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