Where’s The Cheese Gromit ?

Wallace and Gromit
Good morning everyone. I hope you’re waking to an ‘ok’ day. It looks like our weather has returned to some sort of normality, which I’m sure will suit some of you better ! Here at Clayton Towers I tend to be resting up all week to try and make best use of the weekends, with trips out to various towns or villages not visited before.
This weekend was to Wensleydale, with the major problem being that we thought there was an actual town called that, rather than it just being an area consisting of a number of towns. Although we hunted for Wallace and Gromit’s favourite Wensleydale cheese, we ended up buying some when we got back to York !
A bit like our trip to Scotland last year to find some Highland ‘Coos’, to not see any until we got back into England ! Anyway, for those who get the chance to visit the likes of Leyburn in Wensleydale, be prepared, they’re not all up on the idea of dropped kerbs for those who might be in mobility scooters or wheelchairs.
Take care, Bill.

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