Why Do We Need To highlight Disability History Month ?



By Gem Turner in WheelAir.


At the time of posting this, it’s Disability History Month in the UK. It’s not very widely known – and when I talk about it, it gets a lot of questions from people. The main one is something like “it’s quite good for disabled people now though isn’t it?” or expecting disabled people to be able to take part in all everyday activities.

Now I’m no expert in the academic side of Disability History (I really need to brush up on that), but I can tell you that it’s not all hunky dory for disabled people in a lot of ways – so I thought I’d share a few things that society still need to work on to make things equal for disabled people and ultimately why we use months like this to shout about them. Now, it’s important to note I’m speaking as a white wheelchair using woman – so my experiences may differ from other disabled people with different identities.


So here are a few things we need to improve on:


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