Why Is Music So Hard For People With ME/CFS ?



By Jody Smith in Pheonix Rising.

Oh, how I love music! This magic can lift our spirits and calm our weary minds. Maybe it can even help us heal. Goodness knows, we who live with ME/CFS need these things. We’re probably not getting much of this elsewhere. So if music is so good for us, why is it so hard to have it in our lives? Why, for many of us, is music so exhausting?

Sorry, I have no real answers to these questions. Just more stories.

I think I was a fairly typical adolescent of the 1970s. I spent as much time attached to my little transistor radio as I could. Like many teenagers, I didn’t have a great deal of control over my life. I didn’t like school and I immersed myself as much as possible in a world of music.

I spent time with friends who were musicians. I lived with a musician for five years starting in University. We often had piano keyboards and drums in our living room. People would just pick up an instrument and break into song at the drop of a hat. And harmonize.

My happiest times were spent in folk musician coffee houses and University pubs where my favorite musicians were playing.


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