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A friend of mine who was all but wheelchair bound due to arthritis in hips, back and legs, was told by his medical professionals that he would be bedridden within the year.

In his younger years he had played Squash at the highest levels and continued to pursue a very active life until the onset of his medical issues.

He decided that from this point he would look into and research his own therapies and ignore completely the medical advice and stopped all conventional medication.

One of the areas he researched heavily was diet and the toxins in our systems and therefore the processes of de-toxification.

Since changing his outlook and approach, he has since run over 100 marathons all around the world for charity. One instance when he flew from the UK to Melbourne, Australia…ran the marathon and flew home on the return flight!

He passed a little something onto me, which I’ve tried and noticed good effects.

Please remember, this is neither a sales pitch or a recommendation….Just something I’ve tried and it works for me.

Last drink before bed…

2 Tablespoons of Organic Cider Apple Vinegar.
2 Tablespoons of set Honey.
Juice of one Squeezed Lemon.
Top up with Hot water to either a pint or a half depending on preference. (Personally I find the full pint to be more palatable.)

I started this routine nightly with my usual scepticism, but literally within a few days I began feeling a noticeable difference within myself.

All of the ingredients are cheap and readily available in any supermarket, I’d love to hear from anyone who gives it a try, with any benefits they notice.

Good Health.

* Please note other “Snake Oils and Cure ALL Elixirs are available*

Updated: 14th October 2015 — 4:56 pm

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