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Firstly, let me just say that The York ME Community is not a charity. I will not be asking you to put your hands in your pockets for cash. What I believe we need so much more at the moment is awareness of the illness and for that we need people who are learning about ME and therefore able to tell others. There are ME charities, and if in the future you or your business wish to do a charity run or whatever in aid of ME, I will happily help and support that aim.

A Dietitian Puts Extreme ‘Clean Eating’ Claims To The Test – And The Results Aren’t Pretty


    By Sophie Medlin in The Conversation.   “Clean eating” is associated with the healthy lifestyle and body beautiful that is promoted by many online bloggers. While the term is heavily used in social media, there has never been any agreement on what it really means or any comprehensive studies examining the potential benefits […]

Flu And The Flu Vaccination

Flu (Text serie)

    By Emily Beardall in A Prescription for M.E.   It’s the start of the 2016/17 flu season and people with M.E. and carers may be eligible for the free vaccination at pharmacies and GP surgeries, so I have updated my original blog post with this year’s information. Here are the facts about flu, along with information about […]

5 Spoonie Survival Essentials !


    From The Katie Cupcake, Life With ME Blog.   Hi guys – welcome to my new readers, and welcome back if you’ve been here before!  When I first started this blog, it was to talk about my chronic illnesses.  Then my love for makeup and beauty sort of took over!  I love writing […]

The Global Protest For M.E. Rights


      Demand equality for people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis  #MillionsMissing is a movement to raise awareness for M.E., an underfunded and ignored disease. This September 27th, 25 cities in nine countries will demand change. We will present protest demands asking for increased government funding for research, clinical trials, medical education and public awareness. It’s not too […]

Can You Help Those In The York Area Suffering From ME ?


    Do you live in the York area ?  If the answer is ‘Yes’, you are likely to know or live close to someone suffering with ME.  This is a serious Neurological illness that strikes at any age, and destroys lives. By current research, there are around 800 people in the York area with […]

Working Out How Much Exercise To Do Will Take More Than The Latest Wearable Tracker


    By Dylan Thompson in The Conversation.   Ancient Greek scholars realised long ago that physical activity was a requirement for good health. Hippocrates proposed that “eating alone will not keep a man well – he must also take exercise”, while Galen later noted that “the body is in need of motion, exercise is […]

Explained: Why A Reboot Is The Go-To Computer Fix


  By Rob Miles in The Conversation. It’s the most common answer to our computing woes: when your PC or mobile is playing up, try turning it off and on again. Or, alternatively, rebooting. To understand the concept of a “reboot”, it’s helpful to first understand what a boot means as far as computers are […]

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