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Firstly, let me just say that The York ME Community is not a charity. I will not be asking you to put your hands in your pockets for cash. What I believe we need so much more at the moment is awareness of the illness and for that we need people who are learning about ME and therefore able to tell others. There are ME charities, and if in the future you or your business wish to do a charity run or whatever in aid of ME, I will happily help and support that aim.

The Benefits Of Rest In ME/CFS: Swapping Afternoon Naps For Regular Rests

Laura Chamberlain

  From the ‘Laura’s Pen’ Blog, by Laura Chamberlain.   I am a member of several ME support groups on Facebook and it has shocked me on several occasions to see people ask “My doctor/ME clinic have told me not to nap, but I can’t get through the day with out it. How do you […]

Interview: 26 Years Living With ME


  From the ‘Not Just Tired’ Blog.   This is the third interview of my new blog feature – “Interviews with people living with ME/CFS.” The idea is to interview people living with ME, and gain an insight into their lives, to help raise awareness and increase understanding of this disease. You can read more about it here. […]

Why Sick Women (and Men) Must Rise Together


  By Jennifer Brea in The Mighty.   The longer I am sick, the more I view what has happened to my body as a political problem, not only a medical or scientific one. We underinvest in health research for chronic illnesses, autoimmune diseases in particular. Many of these diseases hit women hardest and also […]

The Intricacies Of Writing A Book Without Being Able To Physically Write…


  By Taylor-Bearman in jaytay.co.uk.   The most asked question of my book was how could I write it through the brain fog and illness? So I have decided that I need to explain myself, once and for all! What was really interesting about the book is most of it was written in the four year time […]

Brand New Café To Open In York Park

Hull Park

  From YorkMix.   A York park will have a new café this summer, run by a city youth organisation. Choose2Youth has been chosen to run the Hull Road Park café. It will be launched in temporary cabins that have been installed on the old bowling green on Alcuin Avenue, off Hull Road. They plan to […]

Trial By Error: More On The CDC; Reader’s Digest; And BBC’s Newsbeat

David Tuller

    By David Tuller, DrPH.   It’s been almost a year since the CDC removed its recommendations for GET and CBT as treatments for ME/CFS (or CFS, or ME, or CFS/ME, or even SEID or whatever else one calls this illness or cluster of illnesses). When questioned about the decision, the agency explained that people had […]

What is ME / CFS ? Understanding A Mystery Illness


  From HPCarr.com.   Millions of people around the world are trying to understand what is ME / CFS. It is a life-limiting condition that can affect anyone – dancers, athletes, Doctors, successful movie stars, the young and old. Imagine waking up tomorrow and suddenly your body isn’t working. You can’t walk, talk, or think clearly. Your […]

People With Chronic Conditions Don’t Want Pity – We Want Understanding

Frustration Chronic Illness

  By Jo Cole in HUFFPOST.   If you see a person who you know has a chronic health condition out and about it’s probably because they’re having a ‘better’ day When I bumped into a former colleague who told me I was looking well I had mixed emotions. I don’t want to seem ungrateful […]

Comments Inquest Ruling: Young Drama Student Merryn Crofts Killed By M.E. | 18 May 2018

Merryn Crofts

  By John Siddle, PR Manager, ME Association.   A devastating disease that some experts insist is all in the mind led to the death of a young drama student, a landmark inquest today ruled. Merryn Crofts, 21, weighed less than six stone and had spent the last three years of her life totally bed-bound […]

ESA Sanctions Are Counter-Productive And Dangerous, MPs Are Told

DWP Caxton House

  By John Pring in Disability News Service.   Imposing benefit sanctions on disabled people is counter-productive, ineffective and “probably too dangerous”, a trio of experts have told MPs. The Commons work and pensions committee also heard that the failure of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to research the impact of its sanctions […]

How The Gut Influences Neurologic Disease

Gut Bacteria

  From Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Science News.   A study published this week in Nature sheds new light on the connection between the gut and the brain, untangling the complex interplay that allows the byproducts of microorganisms living in the gut to influence the progression of neurodegenerative diseases. Investigators from Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) have […]

Purpleman Plans 22-Hour Marathon For Manchester Bomb Victims

Purple Man

  From Minster FM News.   The York street entertainer Purpleman is planning a tribute the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing which claimed the lives of a Mum and Dad from the city. He will stay out all night as part of a 22-hour marathon on Stonegate in their honour. It comes as York Minster […]

How Many Times Must a Story Be Told…?


  From Spoonsekkerdotcom.   Sorry I’ve not been blogging recently. I put the blog to one side to concentrate on another project but I didn’t realise how long it would take. Needing to take breaks every five minutes to replenish my brain when I’m writing doesn’t make for speedy progress. Today, however, it has been […]

Why I Started A ‘Knitathon’ To Raise Awareness And Funds For ME/CFS


  From The Mighty.   My name is Lauren Childs and I am the founder and organizer of the “All About M.E. Knitathon.” I live in the west midlands in England, UK. I wanted to create an awareness project which was going to be eye-catching and a way in which the ME/CFS forgotten individuals from […]

Inside The Isolation Caused By ME/CFS Hypersensitivity


  By Jo Moss in The Mighty.   I find hypersensitivity one of the hardest myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) symptoms to cope with as it can be so isolating. Hypersensitivity comes in many forms: hypersensitivity to light, touch, noise, smells, foods, medication, chemicals, heat, cold and irritants like pollen and dust. All of these […]

Brave Upwell Teenager Annie Fowler Speaks Out To Raise Awareness Of ME

ME !

  By KentOnline reporter in Lynn News.   An Upwell teenager has spoken out about her fight with a debilitating illness that has left her on daily medication and with no energy. Annie Fowler, 15, has ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) a chronic fluctuating neurological condition which affects around 20,000 young people in the UK. She is sharing […]

Cheers ! Competition Launched To Find York’s Best Blooming Beer Garden

Beer Garden

  From YorkMix.   A competition has been launched to see which York pub can transform its beer garden into the best blooming oasis in the city. Bloom! – the brand-new, four-day horticultural festival – has teamed up with YorkMix to launch the hunt for York’s Best Blooming Beer Garden 2018. The idea couldn’t be simpler. Any pub […]

‘I’m Not Looking For Pity, Just A Cure’

Melissa Bailey

  By Melissa Bailey in stuff.co.nz.   OPINION: This week is M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) awareness week. M.E. is a multi-system disease, affecting not only the neurological system but also the immune, musculoskeletal, endocrine and cardiovascular systems. It is a neuro immune disease that is in desperate need of research and a cure. Millions of people are affected […]

The Charts May Be Getting Sadder But Popular Music Has Never Been More Varied

Vinyl Records

  By Adam Behr in The Conversation.   In 1985, the best selling song in the UK was Jennifer Rush’s The Power of Love. Thirty years later, it was Uptown Funk, by Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars. From soft-rock power ballad to dance track, these were two very different chart toppers. It’s obviously difficult to […]

Invest In ME Research Biomedical Research Into ME (BRMEC) Colloquiums


The Invest in ME Research Biomedical Research into ME (BRMEC) Colloquiums are research meetings organised by the charity to encourage biomedical research into ME and international collaboration amongst researchers. This has been one of the main objectives of the charity. Invest in ME Research began arranging biomedical research conferences in our first year and have continued them […]

Column: ‘We Are Ill. We Are Not Faking This Illness. It Is Not In Our Heads’

ME 1

  By Corina Duyn in The Journal.   We have all heard the news that yet again the HSE and the government are letting the ill people, especially women, of Ireland down. One illness that rarely receives the attention of the press, the HSE and the government, is called ME. ME ME (or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) is classified […]

Being Negative About My Illness Doesn’t Make Me Less Of A Warrior


  By Megan Klenke in The Mighty.   I’ve been struggling with writing a lot lately. Who am I kidding, I’ve been struggling with everything lately. I feel this need when I write and a lot of the time in person (basically anytime I’m talking to anyone outside of my family, my boyfriend and my best friend who is […]

‘Urgent Change’ Needed To Improve Lives Of ME Sufferers


  From STV News.   (Although written prior to ME Awareness Day on 12 May, this article still has an important message.)   Scotland’s only nurse specialising in myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) has called for urgent change to help improve the lives of at least 20,000 Scots affected by the condition. NHS Fife’s Keith Anderson said […]

Saved – The 180-Year-Old York Theatre Royal Arches Threatened With Demolition


  From YorkMix.   They are a part of York entertainment history – and now they have been saved from the wrecking ball. This row of 180-year-old stone arches once adorned York Theatre Royal – but they have been at 79 Fulford Road since the theatre was remodelled in 1879. Despite their history, a developer […]

The Prevention Of ME/CFS ?


  From the ‘A Ship Of My Own Making’ blog.   ME/CFS can’t be prevented, we all know that. But do we? Certainly it isn’t something that medical professionals talk about, or ME/CFS advocacy and patient support groups, and equally certainly there is no proven method of prevention. I, personally, don’t believe that that means […]

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