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Firstly, let me just say that The York ME Community is not a charity. I will not be asking you to put your hands in your pockets for cash. What I believe we need so much more at the moment is awareness of the illness and for that we need people who are learning about ME and therefore able to tell others. There are ME charities, and if in the future you or your business wish to do a charity run or whatever in aid of ME, I will happily help and support that aim.

Naviaux’s Metabolism Paper Is About As Big As You Think


    Introduction For those who are wondering at the results and their implications, Naviaux’s study in a nutshell states that the cells of ME patients are in a sort of protective hibernation, limiting their consumption of resources and engaging in a hypometabolic state as a response to infection or other stressors.  By examining patients’ […]

Noise Sensitivity In Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

AFP6E1 Silhouette of a woman sitting by a window in a dim room and holding her head

    By Adrienne Dellwo in Very Well.   To the common person, a lot of noise can possibly cause a headache and irritability. When you have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, loud, repetitive, grating or otherwise annoying sounds can cause a whole host of symptoms. A recent blog comment here said it really well: “After  an […]

Micklegate Run Soapbox Challenge


    The Micklegate Run Soapbox Challenge is a hilarious go-cart race down York’s Finest Street. On Sunday 28th August 2016 (the August Bank Holiday) fifty teams from all over Britain will be racing their home made soapbox carts down the steep cobbles street of Micklegate, from the Bar to the River Ouse. Throughout the […]

Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Post-Exertional Malaise And ME/CFS


    From The Massachusetts CFIDS/ME & FM Association.   The role of mitochondria in cellular function Except for red blood cells 1, every cell of the human body contains mitochondria—which are cellular bodies that manufacture the energy needed by the cell in order to function. The energy is essentially created by the conversion of ATP (adenosine […]

11 Things Your Sick Friend Wants You To Know Before You Visit


    By Hannah Radenkova in The Mighty.     Dealing with chronic illness is confusing enough for the sick person, and is a constant learning curve, so if you didn’t know these things before, that’s OK. It’s taken us all a lot of time to learn these thing about ourselves anyway. I know that friends […]

Three Ways Employers Get Well-Being At Work Wrong


  By Micheala Edwards and Adrian Sutton in The Conversation.   Well-being is seen as increasingly important in the workplace. A growing number of companies have well-being policies, such as free gym memberships and health insurance, to cater to their employees’ needs. Much of the emphasis and thinking behind these policies has been a bid […]

Pacing: The Chronically Ill Person’s Best Friend


    By Toni Bernhard J. D. in Psychology Today.   Pacing refers to spacing out your activities during the day so that you’re able to stay within the limits of what your body can handle without exacerbating your symptoms. Another way to think of it is that pacing is a way to keep you inside […]

Japan: Fatigue Biomarkers Show Difference Between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome And Ordinary Fatigue


      By Capricious Lestrange in Disability Depot.   Take a gander at the exciting news from ME Australia! Japanese researchers have found a biomarker for ME/CFS that also proves that our fatigue IS PATHOLOGICAL and not somehow psychological. They also did the same for major depressive disorder. This is going to set the world […]

Huge New Sainsbury’s Plan For York Looks Set To Collapse


    By Mike Laycock in The Press.   Proposals for a huge new supermarket on York’s outskirts appear on the brink of collapse amid a growing planning wrangle over nighttime deliveries. Sainsbury’s won planning permission early last year for the 60,000 square foot store on the current site of B&Q in Hull Road, despite […]

9 Potential Diagnostic Tests For ME/CFS


    By Russell Logan in Shout About ME.   Though there are as yet no readily available, well-accepted, objective diagnostic tests for ME and CFS, work is ongoing in several key areas to develop one. One objective measure, the 2-day CPET, is gaining acceptance and has been used with success in legal presentations. A drawback to this measure is its potential for harming patients. And […]

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