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Firstly, let me just say that The York ME Community is not a charity. I will not be asking you to put your hands in your pockets for cash. What I believe we need so much more at the moment is awareness of the illness and for that we need people who are learning about ME and therefore able to tell others. There are ME charities, and if in the future you or your business wish to do a charity run or whatever in aid of ME, I will happily help and support that aim.

The Guilt of Prioritizing Yourself When You’re Chronically Sick

Chronic Illness

    By Meridith O’Connor in The Conversation.   I’m in a constant state of risk, using my energy towards something with the potential to cost me other life events later. It’s a difficult balance, knowing when to push through and feel sick later, or prevent the latter by taking precautionary care of myself first. Everyone […]

Invest in ME Research – Integrity in Media and Research


    A week can be a long time in ME. Although Invest in ME Research has been highlighting plans to establish a Centre of Excellence for ME for some years, and although our supporters have been raising funds for the UK rituximab trial since we announced plans for that in 2013, it has suddenly […]

Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS): The IACFS/ME Conference Overviews Part V

Cort Johnson

    By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.   Treatments are, of course, where the rubber meets the road. The Oct 2016 conference featured a different chemotherapy/autoimmune drug that appears to be helping, a drug that helped one ME/CFS/POTS patient to fully recover, how exercise tests may be uncovering drug combinations to prevent PEM, a […]

Family Secrets Of York’s Disgraced Railway King

George Hudson

    By David Behrens in The Yorkshire Post.   He was the Railway King of Victorian England, and the grounds of his stately home in the Yorkshire Wolds held what was probably the world’s biggest train set. George Hudson was a pioneering figure of Britain’s emerging railway network, but his career ended in disgrace and […]

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Diagnostic Tests, Treatment And Prevention Urgently Needed

Blood Test

    By Clarissa K. Wittenberg in The Huffington Post.   This blog was inspired by the good news that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has doubled its research budget for myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). However, it was shocking to see that the increase was from $7.6 million last year to $15 million […]

Shed Seven Are Back ! Legendary Band Launch Brand New Album

Shed Seven

    From YorkMix.   Shed Seven are back with their first new studio album in 16 years. The legendary indie band announced today that they have recorded a brand new album filled with original tracks. And they are also planning their “biggest tour ever” – #Shedcember2017. They said on their Facebook page on Monday […]

Queensland Scientists Make Chronic Fatigue Breakthrough


    From SBS Australia.   Chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers have been given new hope after Queensland researchers found strong evidence it is caused by a dysfunctional immune system. Griffith University’s National Centre for Neuroimmunology and Emerging Diseases identified a defective cell receptor that appeared to be central to the development of CFS and the […]

A Radical Care Pathway For ME/CFS


  By Nancy Blake in NHS Managers Network.   Analysis Based on the premise that if an illness is defined by the fact that exercise makes it worse, maybe that should be a starting point for dealing with it!   Immediate diagnosis by careful initial interview:  If patient reports an extraordinary level of debility following […]

Mik Harley’s 28 Marathons for Invest In ME Research !

Mike Harley

  Mike Harley is running an amazing 28 marathons across Europe to help raise awareness and funds for Invest in ME Research. His next run is the Barcelona Marathon on Sunday the 12th March.  To read more about Mike’s Marathon effort and lend your support, click on the tab at the top of this site.

Why It’s Important To Exercise Your Horse !

hannah and alfie sitting

  By Hannah Russell in The Yorkshire Times.   This time of year it’s always a struggle to get the ponies into the fields. The weather is rainy, the paddocks are muddy and it’s just not safe to put them into the paddocks sometimes. I’ve read of many horror stories online where horses have got injured […]

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